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Information for persons holding dual citizenship

The State Services Development Agency (SSDA) under the Ministry of Justice is currentlyengaged in efforts to improve electoral lists, and for this purpose has been actively analyzingelectoral databases since April 2013.

This analysis has revealed that 30,000 persons registered in different regions of Georgia have-- in addition to their Georgian nationality -- acquired the nationality of another countrywithout notifying the Georgian authorities.Pursuant to applicable Georgian laws, this can be grounds for terminating Georgiancitizenship, as Georgian legislation does not allow dual citizenship except in cases whereGeorgian citizenship has been granted to a foreign citizen by the President of Georgia.The aim of the Georgian state is to uphold and maintain the interests of Georgian citizens.The SSDA sent a special letter to all those concerned, irrespective of their status, position andregistered address, notifying them that they hold Georgian citizenship illegally.The Ministry of Justice calls on these people to appeal to the SSDA with a request for dualcitizenship proceedings to be undertaken in due form. The SSDA will study theseapplications based upon the expediency of granting dual citizenship, and will send itsconclusions to the President's Administration for consideration. In case of a positive decisionbeing made, the President of Georgia will grant them Georgian citizenship.A foreign citizen wishing to simultaneously hold Georgian citizenship must appeal to theSSDA under the Ministry of Justice.

Applications to the President of Georgia should be accompanied by a document certifyingthe citizenship of a foreign country, two photographs and a copy of the applicant's birthcertificate (if the person applying for Georgian citizenship was born abroad and holds such acertificate), and must also be supported by the recommendations of two physical persons.The law provides for a period of three months for the consideration of applications forGeorgian citizenship.

Persons living abroad can fill in applications online at www.house.gov.ge or contact theinformation service of the SSDA by dialing (+995 32) 2 405 405.